Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I tend to be a perfectonist and have the attitude "If you want it done right (aka your way), do it yourself." Since I started my office intern position, this attitude haunts me. I stress when people ask me to do stuff for them especially when it concerns working with their personal files. Am I doing it how they would want it done? I check and double check, and I think this slows me down. This is the first time assisting someone besides my dad so I suppose I will get the hang of it and acquire some confidence in myself.

In the mean time, as I was creating and editing a wedding 10 month checklist, it hit me just how much it takes to plan a wedding, and there were details in that checklist I had never even considered before! People that plan weddings without a coordinator are beyond brave because there is just so much to think about (down to the time a bride should purchase necessary undergarments for her dress), and I can see why they say it is a full time job!

That brings me to a strong conviction of mine that it is not about that day, it's about what is to come after that day. Of course you want to have that special celebration with everyone you love because a wedding is the beginning of a lifechanging experience and worthy of a grand celebration, but people get so caught up in the festivities that it can be easy to forget the ultimate goal--creating a marriage. I want to be that coordinator who can guide people in not only the details of linens, flowers,  and photographers, I want to help people prepare for the rest of their lives. I ordered some reading materials, which includes a book that prepares couples for marriage and planning the wedding for the groom. I know they will be necessary for me to see the whole process from different perspectives, and I can't wait until they come in the mail!

Happy Wednesday!

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