Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summery Wedding

I mentioned before  that I was assisting Blair Britt with a wedding with 2 months notice! It happened to be the night after my graduation so the week before the wedding I wasn’t much help!

 Planning a wedding in two months was a first for both of us, and I must say Blair pulled it off with flying colors! And I am not kidding when I say colors because this was a bright, fun, colorful wedding. We themed it “Playful Summer.” The bride and groom had very fun personalities, and Blair used this to create a vibe for the whole wedding. It took place at the beautiful Virginia Country Club in Long Beach, and the setting for the ceremony could not have been more beautiful. The trees there are huge and framed everything perfectly. Blair and our favorite florist Jayne of Bits of Whimsy (seriously, there isn't anything this woman can't do) created some fun d├ęcor, which included bright orange and pink flowers and Chinese lanterns. We covered some of the lanterns  with petals to dress them up a bit, and used them throughout the wedding. Blair’s signature piece, ribbon, was also used to adorn the tables and dress up the white linens.

To Whomever I Marry: I am sorry for taking over our future house with wedding projects

Love the Pops of Color! 
These Pomander Balls Are Surprisingly Heavy! It took everything I had to not start a softball game during clean up :) 

The lanterns look much better here than hanging on my pull-up bar!

Table Ribbons: Simple and Fun! 

I love the escort cards in the wheat grass. All the paper goods were created by Blair

Blair Also Comes With An Assortment of Rentals to Use  for Your Events 

Such a Fun Way to Display Anything From Menus to Instructions for Guests

The desserts created by the amazing Sweet and Saucy were to die for as usual. You can always count on those girls to create a fabulous spread. It included mini pies, which is the groom’s favorite dessert, cake pops, desserts in cups, and some other fun goodies. They also had a gorgeous cake. My favorite were the carrot cake pops! 

The country club has a no cell phone policy, which is a staple for us to communicate. We turned to radios and had an interesting experience. We kept intercepting conversations on our channel which included kids that were playing with walkie talkies. Besides the fact that we couldn’t keep the earpiece in our ears, I like using them as opposed to cell phones because it is a little more professional, but I think we still need practice to learn the proper radio etiquette! All in all, it was a very successful wedding!!

Thank you Jeremiah Bonjean for capturing some fabulous images and helping everything go so smoothly! A cohesive vendor team is the key to success! 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Little Girl in a Big CIty

One of my many life plans (I take after my dad)  was to attend UNLV’s graduate, hotel administration program after I had graduated from Chapman. I decided that my parents already sent me to a good undergrad school and didn’t need to be spending that much more money. As I spent time in Vegas this past week, I was biting at the bit to apply. What a cool opportunity it would be to experience that side of events. I have been doing weddings, but I have always wanted to learn event production from every angle to make me more valuable. This fall, as I’ve said before, I will hopefully be learning all about nonprofit and fundraising events.

Anyway, a friend of the family, Steve, is the general manager of the equestrian arena at the South Point in Vegas. He was very excited about my career goals and offered to let me shadow him at a concert this past weekend. It was a big event called Junefest that hosted the bands War, Three Dog Night, and The Fixx. He also said that I could shadow his staff anytime I wanted! I am highly considering taking him up on that! He took me on a tour of the arena as well as the stables. Since it is an equestrian arena, they have 1200 very high-class stables to house the horses that come through for rodeos and other similar shows. Next week they will have a jousting competition…pretty intense! I think I'd fit in quite nicely in the equestrian center being the farm girl I am and having grown up raising pigs..wait, what?? Yep, I am a true blood former 4-H member. 

I got to hang out with him as well as the general manager of the hotel (No big deal, right??)  and watch how things were run during the event. He took me back stage and showed me where they put the artists and how they take care of them. He was very relaxed and laid back through the whole thing, which kind of surprised me. He told me that if he did his job ahead of time, that he could just hang out and enjoy the event. As a very successful event planner, all he had to do was press “go” and everything he put together in advance went to work. Any problem that could arise, would quickly be mitigated by his staff whom he has already prepared. For example, the fire alarm went off during the concert and as soon as he got on the radio, he was alerted by an employee that it had already been taken care of and within minutes the alarm was off. I asked my family about it, and they never even noticed it.

Whether it be weddings or other type of events, I aspire for mine to run this smoothly. I want to be able to push “go” and have everything run just as planned without any stress the day-of. 


Horse Stalls 

A-List Horse Stalls 

Watchin' the Concert

Walking around Vegas, I felt very small and intimidated, which is why I would love to intern with Steve. I feel like I would learn so much and realize that I am capable of more than I think. I may just have to take him up on his offer to come anytime! :) 

Monday, June 6, 2011


It’s only fitting that at the end of my college career I make some goals. Blair Britt, a very inspirational person in my life did this, and I am following suit.

The Mission: Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria: Tasks must be specific with a result that is either measurable, or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of stretching on your part.)

Starting Date: June 6, 2010
Completion Date: Umm when someone figures out that math, be a pal and let me know ;)

This was surprisingly hard, and I still have some completing to do, but I wanted to get it posted. There is also no specific order. I wrote as they came to mind. Some are goals and some are simply wishes because I would be incredibly blessed if some of these things actually happened. I know that most of these don’t fit the criteria of being measurable, but they are necessary. I also know that some of them are lifelong, but as I said, they are necessary.

1.     Get through all of the event planning books I bought
2.     Reorganize all the files on my computer
3.     Plan my first successful wedding and then some
4.     Start my own business
5.     Get more experience from other places before I start my own business
6.     Learn to sew
7.     Learn to build things
8.     Become a Crossfit trainer
9.     Go to San Francisco
10.Take culinary arts courses and try a new recipe once a week
11. Learn to be more “crafty”
12. Learn to always have a positive attitude
13. Learn to be more compassionate and understanding
14. Be healthy, but don’t obsess…live a little
15. Learn how to play tennis
16. Save up a lot of money by day 1001 and keep saving
17. Learn how to graphically design things
18. Get a vizsla
19. Get a concealed weapons license
20. Give something back to my high school
21. Play in a softball game
22. Visit my friend Janelle in Texas
23. Learn to wakeboard
24. Go visit my family in Missouri
25. Drive a Bentley
26. Go hunting with my dad
27. Convince Dad it’s not unethical to let their kids get cosmetic surgery if it’s something that has bothered them since they were 9 years old thanks to more than enough teasing
28.  Convince AC/DC or Van Halen to start touring again so I can watch their concert
29. Learn to let go and boldly step into the unknown
30. Join a Bible study group
31. Learn to be content with the fact I can’t make everyone happy
32. Go back to Europe
33. Hike the Grand Canyon
34. Play with exotic animals…chimpanzees, baby bears, baby tigers, etc.
35.  Watch a number of old movies
36. Go to Venice Beach
37. Go to the Santa Monica Pier
38. Go see the heart of Nashville and my family there
39. Go to a Cubs vs. Cardinals game at Busch  Stadium
40. Give my parents site seeing tips on a trip they will take to Europe…then hop in their suitcase
41. Learn how to throw a punch
42. Learn how to hook up, pull, and back up a trailer
43. Reconnect with old friends and keep in better touch with people
44. Learn how to draw
45. Fulfill one of my best friends metaphors of taking my old shoes out of storage and letting them go, try on new ones, and trust that God will know when the time is to start shopping.
46. Run a half marathon with Elizabeth preferably one that ends with a Nike/Tiffany’s necklace and firemen
47. Get my own website
48. Become a more efficient blogger and inspire and teach people through them
49. Thank people more often and let them know how much they mean to me
50. Go visit my sorority sisters 
51. Watch as many of my little brother's football games as possible
52. Send my big brother off to dental school
53. Be a more valuable friend, daughter, sister, granddaugher, niece, godmother, etc. 
54. Be a role model for my little cousins
55. Spend more time with my extended family in Yuma
56. Find enough goals to fit the 101 criteria.

Open to suggestions especially from those who know me well and know things I should be working on! 

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Have you ever known something would eventually happen or a day would actually arrive, but completely surprised yourself by your reaction when it actually happened? You thought you had complete control over your emotions and thought that you would accept it as part of life, but you lost complete control? I’ve had that happen to me a lot recently since going through so many life changes over the past six or so months. I knew I was going to graduate from college, and I was ready for it. I was sick of all the studying and ready for the next phase in my life, but as the day drew nearer I began to feel uneasy. What’s next? Then before I knew it, my best friend had her whole room in boxes, and my roommate was knocking on my bedroom door to say goodbye. No, not just for the summer as we had done for the past 3 summers, but for a while.  It was extremely hard to swallow. Then when I realized I was leaving my brothers for who knows how long, I completely lost it. As I packed my car, I had to forget the few errands I had on my list on my way out of town because I was an emotional wreck.

Moving back home included a flood of emotions. Yes, I’m home with my family where my heart is and loving it, but it just feels different this time. Things won’t be as they always have, and cruising around town just has a different feeling. Maybe it’s because I’ve adopted my dad’s big bad Sequoia and have been driving in style. J I almost feel like an outsider because I don’t know how long I will be here and what life will present to me here. I feel like all my friends have got their lives in order with big kid jobs, and know exactly what is next. I think until I am settled into a career and way of life, I will feel unsettled and uncertain, but I also think this is completely natural. I’m pretty sure I feel this type of vulnerability every time I enter the unknown be it traveling somewhere or even going to a small function where I know no one. I think this is God’s way of telling me that I am not  in control. He is, and I just need to trust that he is leading me exactly where I need to be. He’s telling me to slow down and not be so impatient with life to get here. I need not worry about what others are doing and to stop searching for a comfort zone. Sometimes we have to be out there completely uncomfortable and naked in order to find that perfect fit.

That reminds me of some of the best advice I ever got:  old shoes are great, but new ones are even better and sometimes it’s even better to just be barefoot for a while and feel the sand between our toes. We can’t be complacent about life and stuck in our comfort zones! We have to try new things and welcome the unknown with an open heart. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Caught Up!

I have failed as a blogger! I forced myself to refrain from blogging until I had written all my thank you notes from graduation. I feel so incredibly blessed! I really received some great letters from people wishing me well and congratulating me, and it has made me determined to approach the next step in my journey with vigor! 

The graduation party was an absolute success despite the 35 mph winds! I actually am secretly glad it was windy because it kept everyone inside and closer together, it kept 23 tables empty, and we got to return the tablecloths and get some money back! It’s a good thing I had decided not to do any center pieces! I was so excited to see everyone that came out…all 150 of them! It was so overwhelming, and I wish I had more time to chat with and catch up with everyone.

The food was fabulous. We served pollo asada (I’m the chicken queen), carne asada, salad, beans, corn, melon, and other goodies! And even though my dad said people wouldn’t drink my favorite cocktail, everyone raved about it! I also snuck in a batch of my favorite dip! I did a little bit of decorating, but as I had said, it was getting to be the size of a wedding without the budget of one! 

The best part of the party is that my family and a few other families stayed and danced until 2am! I couldn’t believe it, and since I was up at 5am that morning setting up, I could not move all day Sunday. It was so much fun and everyone keeps saying it was the best party we’ve ever thrown. That says a lot since we tend to throw them on a regular basis. I am one lucky girl and the last few weeks have been very nostalgic and jus… reminiscent. (That is not correct grammar but you get my drift!)

On another note, I have some really exciting news! My dad and I flew to Tgen today to check out an internship opportunity and a cool one at that! It is an innovative, nonprofit medical research facility and they invited me to work with their events team and learn the dynamics of throwing large-scale fundraising events. It is something I am really intrigued by because I want to learn more than just weddings so that I can be more valuable and have the skills to do anything. Their team is unbelievable and I know I can learn so much from them. I just have to figure out a way to live in Phoenix for a few months!  

Thanks for stopping by!