Thursday, June 2, 2011

Caught Up!

I have failed as a blogger! I forced myself to refrain from blogging until I had written all my thank you notes from graduation. I feel so incredibly blessed! I really received some great letters from people wishing me well and congratulating me, and it has made me determined to approach the next step in my journey with vigor! 

The graduation party was an absolute success despite the 35 mph winds! I actually am secretly glad it was windy because it kept everyone inside and closer together, it kept 23 tables empty, and we got to return the tablecloths and get some money back! It’s a good thing I had decided not to do any center pieces! I was so excited to see everyone that came out…all 150 of them! It was so overwhelming, and I wish I had more time to chat with and catch up with everyone.

The food was fabulous. We served pollo asada (I’m the chicken queen), carne asada, salad, beans, corn, melon, and other goodies! And even though my dad said people wouldn’t drink my favorite cocktail, everyone raved about it! I also snuck in a batch of my favorite dip! I did a little bit of decorating, but as I had said, it was getting to be the size of a wedding without the budget of one! 

The best part of the party is that my family and a few other families stayed and danced until 2am! I couldn’t believe it, and since I was up at 5am that morning setting up, I could not move all day Sunday. It was so much fun and everyone keeps saying it was the best party we’ve ever thrown. That says a lot since we tend to throw them on a regular basis. I am one lucky girl and the last few weeks have been very nostalgic and jus… reminiscent. (That is not correct grammar but you get my drift!)

On another note, I have some really exciting news! My dad and I flew to Tgen today to check out an internship opportunity and a cool one at that! It is an innovative, nonprofit medical research facility and they invited me to work with their events team and learn the dynamics of throwing large-scale fundraising events. It is something I am really intrigued by because I want to learn more than just weddings so that I can be more valuable and have the skills to do anything. Their team is unbelievable and I know I can learn so much from them. I just have to figure out a way to live in Phoenix for a few months!  

Thanks for stopping by! 

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