Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summery Wedding

I mentioned before  that I was assisting Blair Britt with a wedding with 2 months notice! It happened to be the night after my graduation so the week before the wedding I wasn’t much help!

 Planning a wedding in two months was a first for both of us, and I must say Blair pulled it off with flying colors! And I am not kidding when I say colors because this was a bright, fun, colorful wedding. We themed it “Playful Summer.” The bride and groom had very fun personalities, and Blair used this to create a vibe for the whole wedding. It took place at the beautiful Virginia Country Club in Long Beach, and the setting for the ceremony could not have been more beautiful. The trees there are huge and framed everything perfectly. Blair and our favorite florist Jayne of Bits of Whimsy (seriously, there isn't anything this woman can't do) created some fun décor, which included bright orange and pink flowers and Chinese lanterns. We covered some of the lanterns  with petals to dress them up a bit, and used them throughout the wedding. Blair’s signature piece, ribbon, was also used to adorn the tables and dress up the white linens.

To Whomever I Marry: I am sorry for taking over our future house with wedding projects

Love the Pops of Color! 
These Pomander Balls Are Surprisingly Heavy! It took everything I had to not start a softball game during clean up :) 

The lanterns look much better here than hanging on my pull-up bar!

Table Ribbons: Simple and Fun! 

I love the escort cards in the wheat grass. All the paper goods were created by Blair

Blair Also Comes With An Assortment of Rentals to Use  for Your Events 

Such a Fun Way to Display Anything From Menus to Instructions for Guests

The desserts created by the amazing Sweet and Saucy were to die for as usual. You can always count on those girls to create a fabulous spread. It included mini pies, which is the groom’s favorite dessert, cake pops, desserts in cups, and some other fun goodies. They also had a gorgeous cake. My favorite were the carrot cake pops! 

The country club has a no cell phone policy, which is a staple for us to communicate. We turned to radios and had an interesting experience. We kept intercepting conversations on our channel which included kids that were playing with walkie talkies. Besides the fact that we couldn’t keep the earpiece in our ears, I like using them as opposed to cell phones because it is a little more professional, but I think we still need practice to learn the proper radio etiquette! All in all, it was a very successful wedding!!

Thank you Jeremiah Bonjean for capturing some fabulous images and helping everything go so smoothly! A cohesive vendor team is the key to success! 


  1. dang, my comment didn't post... thanks chels, i love that you got this wedding posted before i posted my january wedding... maybe i should take you up on that offer!

    oh and the "we" you were referring to was really just me needing to learn walkie etiquette, haha, i think i need a walkie course before our next event =)

  2. I'm quitting the day job I don't have to become a professional blogger haha but as long as I keep spelling petals as "peddles" then I'm never getting a job!