Monday, February 14, 2011

Maybe I Should Have Majored in Home Ec!

I am still in search for an art project, but in the mean time, I have decided that I need to start learning how to cook and bake better. The cafeteria (which is amazing and is a huge reason I don't cook) will only be available to me for a few more months! Other reasons I don't cook are that it's messy; it's a big production for one person; I am easy to please and throw the most random stuff together so have not needed to cook anything special; and I hate buying ingredients for one recipe and then having odd amounts of leftovers. I can probably find some more excuses, but I will spare you!

For the event side of things, I need to learn how to cook for smaller events that won't use caterers, and I need to learn how to communicate with them for larger events. I am living with my two brothers so they can be my guinea pigs! The only problem is, they will have to deal with my obsessive compulsive-ness with the lighter/healthier side of things.

It's Valentine's Day so I decided to find a healthy cookie recipe and bake it as a gift (or curse) to my friends and brothers! Well I kind of found more of a Thanksgiving recipe, but went for it anyway! They are "No Fat Added Pumpkin" cookies, yet I made half mini muffins and half cookies. I made a few different versions adding dark chocolate chips to some and cream cheese frosting to some.

Here's the recipe on I thought they were pretty good. Definitely diet tasting, but without the chocolate and frosting, they are only 45 calories!

Verdict: So far I have only gotten feedback from my little brother who although healthy, doesn't appreciate "diet" type food. He said they were delicious and had four!!! SUCCESS!

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