Monday, February 7, 2011


I have always been either a student, had a sorority position, or intern and the only “real job” I’ve had is working for my dad so when it comes to being “experienced” I feel I am behind. I am so intimidated by the fact that one day I will be running my own show. That’s why the current bride who is letting me use her as a guinea pig is so great. She just recently moved from being a student to an actual professional and knows how I feel, but she keeps encouraging me that I just have to get out there. She has even started referring me to people. I feel I haven’t been a ton of help to her with her being in Yuma and me being in Orange County, but I am still learning through her especially when she asks me for specific advice, and I do research for her to find the right answers. This specific career is a learning experience, and I will grow with each event.  I will make mistakes, but I have to remember that each mistake as well as each victory is not going to be a defining factor of who I am. I have to use each and every event as a learning experience and grow from it.

Speaking of the bride, I would like to share with you some inspiration for her wedding theme coming up quickly in October! The whole theme is a green eco-chic with gold and pearls pulled through to make it elegant. We will be using different jars and bottles as vases to hold all the flowers, which will primarily be white and green with a little pink pulled through. We plan on using green and burlap ribbon, manzanita trees, lots of candles and votives, and gold frames and mirrors. The following pictures are not my own and come from experienced professionals who posted their work on the web. I don't have the links for them, so if you know where they came from let me know! 


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  1. there certainly is beauty in the learning curve of the wedding industrie! it's guaranteed to keep you on your toes, and you can always expect to learn a new lesson with each event.... while it's hard a times to learn a lesson, the blessing is that if you vow to find the take away, you will be thankful to continue learning each new lesson no matter how big or small it is! i know i'm super thankful to be in an industry that's ever changing and constantly teaching me... because lets be honest... it's way more interesting to be kept on your toes =)

    enjoy this planning/learning process with your bride, it's bound to teach you a ton of great lessons!