Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pay It Forward

How many people do you admire, yet they would never know? How many people are you extremely thankful for, yet you’ve never really told them? There are so many people out there whether I really know them or not that I admire. Some may not even know I exist. …I love the way that girl dresses in this class; I love this person’s business concept; I love how eloquently so and so speaks; I love how confident this person is…The list goes on! This may sound creepy, but I have friends on Facebook whom I don’t ever talk to or have kind of lost contact with but I love looking at their pictures and admiring the fun times they have or reading their status updates and reading about success they are finding in their lives.

Sometimes I feel awkward when I compliment someone. I’m not sure why because compliments always make me feel better about myself even if I have issues with accepting them (a whole other topic!). What would happen if we started actually relaying compliments to each other? Would it make this world a little bit of a better place? Would it help us really examine the good things about others? I don’t know, but I think we should all attempt it.

 I think it is kind of a weird phenomenon how we usually never talk about the impact someone has had on us until after they die. At funerals, many people stand up and express how that person had affected the speakers’ lives. Did those things ever make it to that person before their passing? That we will never know, but if someone inspires you, let him or her know! It may make their life that much better and it may give them the confidence they need to keep doing the great things that inspire you. It may also help them learn something  they’ve never known about themselves and give them much needed self-confidence. Hopefully it would motivate them to “pay it forward” and make someone else’s day!

To all those that I’ve admired or that have inspired me I hope I will be able to express it to you all!

And here is someone who has inspired kick her outside when I work on crafting projects!

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  1. oh chloe... gotta love the kitties! and btw, i'm sure you don't even realize how big of an inspiration you are to those around you =)