Monday, March 7, 2011

Be Personal!

How many weddings have you been to where you didn’t know much about the bride and groom? Either you were a date of a guest or went because you were invited with your family. I love how the emphasis of weddings is becoming more and more personal. You invite people to come celebrate you and the wonderful life you are about to start, but oftentimes there are guests out there who know nothing about you. It’s a very intimate event so I think it’s very important to let everyone take a closer look into your life for the night.

 I have seen a few details that allowed the guests to get to know the bride and groom a little better and see the story of how it all happened. It was so special! There was one wedding where they had a video of the bride and groom talking about how they met and it was so fun hearing each of their stories! Josh and Marci by Aqua Vivus Productions (Still makes me cry!) I saw another wedding on TLC that had named each table after one of their ten first dates. There was also a little blurb that told a little story about the date! Another wedding I went to served donuts from the brides’ favorite donut shop.  I’ve seen all over wedding blogs about people personalizing their weddings, stepping away from traditions, and letting the little details reflect the couple. 

Guests are there to celebrate you so I think it is very important to make them feel involved as possible! Let the guests know what special things mean at the wedding…write it on cards or display it on signs throughout the reception. This will force people to walk around and help strike conversations, and it will create lasting memories of more than just another white dress and black tux! 

Other Ways To Personalize Your Wedding:Personalize

Have your favorite foods that are completely out of the ordinary….I love frozen yogurt, so I think a fro yo bar would be so fun!

I want to incorporate the color of my parents wedding and plan on using it as an accent color.

DIY—Create the décor yourself and have craft parties with friends and family for some solid bonding time.  This helps others feel a part of your day! 

Have a fabulous Monday and stay warm!!  


  1. i LOVE chili cheese fries. maybe i should have that at my wedding. YUM!

  2. Well what about a french fry with different types of fries and toppings??