Monday, August 22, 2011

Unintentional Family Affair

Life has been exciting, and I keep up more on a daily basis here. I have never been stuck on a concrete life  plan because I didn’t know what I was going to walk into with moving home and what opportunities would arise. I had a moment where I almost did a complete 180 to go back to school and chase another dream: nutrition and fitness. God had others plans when 4 brides called me and wanted me to plan their weddings. I decided to take it one step at a time and continue chasing both dreams. I plan on pursuing further education whether it be online courses, certifications, conferences, or workshops. I want to become a personal trainer and become either a licensed RD or just get a nutrition and wellness certification. I love the idea of adding training to my bridal packages because what bride doesn’t want to get in shape before her wedding? And I can only imagine the amount of people that take unhealthy and dangerous routes to meet their physical ideal for their special day. I also feel like teaching them healthy ways to manage stress through exercise and a healthy diet would be beneficial. 

I’m going to be honest. There are other reasons I started backpedaling on event planning. It terrifies me doing it on my own and in the market in Yuma. The events here are so different than the events I have experienced in Orange County and will be much harder with so much more to think about. In Orange County I had venues to choose from that all included tables, staff, dinnerware, bathrooms, and most importantly some kind of venue manager to lean on.  I am also speaking as if I didn’t shadow Blair and Constance and had them to follow and simply take orders from…not give orders

 Here, for the most part, it’s a whole different ballgame because there are fewer venues and more outside, backyard-type events. That means you have to take into consideration: where are we going to get power?; how are we going to create a parking lot?; who are we going to hire to help set up all these tables?; who is going to clear the guests plates?; what are we going to do about trash?; how are we going to hang our décor in the trees?; do we need to hire security?; where can the bride go to the bathroom?; will we have enough light?; are we going to bring in catering or are we going to hire people to cook; and so many more. Even though you save on venue usage fees, you end up having to spend it elsewhere.

These questions are all answered by drawing in different resources, and it really depends on whom you know. I don’t have a problem with this, but my issue is that my dad is my #1 resource because he is my connection to every resource, and he is a golden resource! He is pro with all this stuff given he puts events on all the time whether it be for the high school, rhino conservancy fundraisers, events for my brother’s college football team, his company events, and so many others. He has the answers to all my questions and solutions as well. My mom is also another resource especially when it comes to crafting, decorating, logistics, she's a hard-working very assertive helper, and just a seasoned  know-how...seriously this woman knows so much. 

 I think I ask them an event related question at the very LEAST once a day and sometimes hundreds of times a day. I am going to learn the ropes around here ASAP so that I can be big and confident enough to do this on my own. My dad loves this kind of stuff but he has a lot of other responsibilities not to mention a company to run. I will try my hardest to not tempt him into turning his attention to my events. For now, I will need their assistance until my feet are on the ground and will do my best to force them to take my paycheck, but one day I will be just as valuable of a resource.

My parents have not missed  helping me with any dance I have ever planned whether in high school or in college for my sorority. They even showed up at midnight to help me tear down! I am so blessed, but I refuse to take advantage! 

Winter Formal Set-Up Crew 

He decorates too!

Formal on a yacht

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