Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Doin' Business!

In every step of my life there has always been something next whether it be the next grade after summer vacation, graduating into high school and college, and now graduating into…adulthood?? I just feel like saying “Second star to the right and straight on ‘til morning! Never Never Land!!” Everyone keeps asking…what’s next?? Good question! For now, I will be working for my dad to earn some extra money and before we know it, coordinating a wedding in October.-not as an intern, but as the official planner! So scary! I am also looking into an event planning internship with a nonprofit foundation in October then hopefully I can go back and take some classes in Orange County, get some more experience, then start my very own company. If someone has a good name, let me know! =) 

I am so excited to finally show off some pictures from my October couple’s engagement shoot. This wedding means so much to me because I grew up with the bride and groom and even shared a house at one point with the groom in college. I knew these two before they even started dating so I have seen their relationship flourish from day one! I can’t wait for their special day to finally be here!

Lance and Laura’s photography team is Fallbrook Photography. This may sound really weird, but it was surreal coming into contact with my first vendor as the coordinator. I guess one day I will get over it and realize I am the person in charge or I've said before the coach, not the assistant. 

The engagement shots are absolutely adorable and were taken in a jackpot area, the Castle Dome Museum. Our little hometown of Yuma, AZ doesn’t have many resources as far as areas to photograph and Fallbrook really demonstrated their creativity in finding a key spot! Here are a few of my favorites: 

The desert is so green! 

Aww he is romantic!

I have to go visit this place!

To see the rest of the photos checkout Fallbrook Photography's site here

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