Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blog Hiatus

Ahh!! It is has been such a long time since I have blogged, and I apologize to my loyal readers! I actually made myself ignore my blog and all the ones I read so I could focus on the last few weeks of school. Over the past few weeks many things have come to a close, but I am embarking on new beginnings-ones of many unknowns and uncertainties, but it is exciting nonetheless! 
Well...I did it! I graduated from college, and may I just brag for a minute..can anyone say magna cum laude? Yep, those endless nights I endured studying with a select few fellow students has paid off! I never imagined I would actually reach those heights, and to be honest, I never aimed to. I was just never satisfied unless I got a good grade despite my brother’s constant reminders that I was not going to be a doctor. No, my GPA is not going to matter when it comes to planning weddings, but I can tell you that that work ethic will. Okay I am done bragging...I have to market my services somehow right?? =) 
Can't Get Enough of These Guys! 

Some of the most influential women in my life

I cannot thank my friends and family enough for getting me here. I wouldn’t be able to do  this without them. 
Along with graduating, I helped produce my last few weddings with Blair Britt and Constance Curtis, and am so thankful for the opportunity they gave me and the things I have learned from both of them. When I say last few weddings, I mean as an official intern because I plan on helping them with future events. I have so much more to learn before I start running my own show, but I better learn quickly because I have a wedding sneaking up on me in October! 
I have moved home for a little bit and am getting ready for an ever growing graduation party this weekend! I had a lot of plans to invest a lot of energy into the design, but the guest list is growing to the size of a wedding, and I don’t have the budget of a wedding! So this weekend we are just going to eat and dance....can't realIy ask for more than that! love having an excuse to get all those I love together! I think that’s why I like weddings so much. You always get to catch up with people you never see! 
I have a lot of blog post ideas so I will keep this one short and expand on each later so I look forward to my last wedding re-cap, details of my October bride’s wedding as well as their engagement pictures, and my plans for the near future! 
The heat I have experienced while coming home to Arizona has officially reminded me that is is SUMMER!!! 

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  1. You can brag all you want - you deserve to. Soooooo proud of you!!!